What is Daystream?

The Daystream® social journaling platform allows you to document and share the stories of your life.

The drops of information that comprise your stories — statuses, photos, notes, videos, audio recordings, quotes and more — are organized into date-based journals, making them easy to share…and remember.

Straightforward content organization combined with powerful meta-organizational tools allow you to connect with and share your content in entirely new ways.

Document. Share. Follow. Remember.

Document the stories of your life

Post statuses, photos, notes, quotes and other drops of information that comprise your stories. All of your content is organized automatically into date-based journals.

Share some, none or all of your stories

Some stories are meant to be shared; others not so much. Sometimes you want to document a story but only share part of it. Our privacy settings let you control sharing at all levels: individual postings, entire journals and your entire account.

Experience the stories of others by following friends and brands

Telling stories is fun. Experiencing the stories of others is, too. Our semantic URL structure makes it easy to experience those shared by other users. And for those special users you choose to follow — your friends and favorite brands — you'll be notified when they share new stories.

Remember your stories…and theirs

Documenting and sharing aren't just for the here and now. The date-based structure of daystream® journals makes it easy to remember all of your stories and those shared by others.

Experience more by connecting with content in entirely new ways

Sometimes stories reveal themselves over time or through connections you didn't anticipate. Our meta-organizational tools will connect you with your content and that of the friends and brands you follow in entirely new ways, making it a snap to experience, share and remember these stories, too.

Let us help you remember

Sometimes we need a little help remembering things. Our reminder system helps you remember your stories and those of your friends based on time, topic, location and other parameters.

No firehose!

We believe that following friends and brands should never be an overwhelming experience. We've built a home page that puts this belief into practice, eliminating the firehose model of sharing followed by other platforms. Your Daystream home page presents an overview of who is doing what, making it easy to dive deeper into the stories that interest you and ignore those that don't.

Semantic URLs

The Daystream platform is built on a semantic URL structure designed to make it easy to find the content you're after. Got a username and a date? Then you've got what you need to access a particular journal, if the user's privacy settings permit it.

Post to the Past™

Wouldn't it be great if you could post content from yesteryear in date-based context? Guess what…you can. Add pictures from your son's birth date to your journal for the day he was born. How about posting those wedding pictures to your journal for the day you were married? Go for it. It doesn't matter when the story happened…you can always post to the past™ on Daystream.

More ways to share and remember

Sure statuses, photos and videos are great ways to share and remember stories, but they aren't the only ways. Daystream allows you to include other drops of information in your stories, including audio recordings, quotes and more.

Add a journal cover image to build an emotional connection to your story

We've taken the print-world concept of a vignette — a small, disconnected drawing presented at the beginning of a story — and turned it on its head. With Daystream, you can add a brief description to an image in a journal and designate it as a cover image for the journal. You and those you share with will always see it first — in beautiful, full-screen glory — when viewing your journal.

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