July 10, 2012


Because Sharing Sucks, That's Why

An important question that must be asked for every new idea—be it anything from a rearranging of furniture to the starting of a new company—is a why question:

Why should this idea be moved forward?

The Daystream project began in response to a series of "how does," "what if," and "how should" type questions, but as we started answering those questions in earnest, and building the site with those answers in mind, our answer to the all important "why" question revealed itself:

because sharing sucks, that's why.

Not the concept of sharing, mind you. We're obviously all for that. But the state of sharing on the web—how it works and how it impacts the way in which people share information.

Viewed in that light, we think sharing on the web is in its infancy and we intend on building Daystream to advance and improve it.

We're preparing a series of posts that will detail some of our biggest gripes about the current sharing model and how Daystream offers a better approach. Stay tuned!

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article published in /2012/07/10