December 7, 2014


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We're heading home today. I'm going to miss greeting this guy every morning as we leave the hotel.

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So long, Fargo.

Thank you to your kind people who treated us so wonderfully during our visit over the last few days. The hospitality they showed us was nothing short of wonderful and will forever identify your city and state in my mind.

Perhaps the best endorsement I can give comes from my 9-year old son, Jake. He was a bit hesitant to come on this trip (his brother Jonathan was participating in a robotics competition, and no other team members were bringing younger siblings). Our experience in Fargo appears to have won him over, though. As our plane took off from Hector International, and as I started to write this, he looked at me and said "I'm sad to be leaving Fargo."

And when we landed in Minneapolis, he told Renee "we need to go to Fargo again."

So long, Fargo. We'll be back.

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