March 4, 2021


Saturn is my rotary

BBC Apologizes for Interview With Cory Booker Impostor (

If the BBC's vetting process can't identify an impostor of a U.S. Senator, how will they deal with deepfakes? Trust in content is growing in importance, and will become more valuable as technology advances. Major publishers with brands that signify trust are in a great position to take advantage of this...until they aren't.

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Engineers Have Proposed The First Model For a Physically Possible Warp Drive (

Turns out we don't need to break the speed of light barrier to become an interstellar species. We just need enormously powerful gravitational fields, like those provided by planets, to bend space time inside a warp drive.

Thinking about riding a warp drive around a planet makes me think of the song #Spacegrass# by Clutch:

Lay low, watch the universe expand.
Skyway, permanent Saturday.
Oh, by the way, Saturn is my rotary.

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We added markdown support to posts tonight.

Articles and posts are different types of content on Daystream. Articles have titles; posts don't. Articles are composed with a rich text editor, while posts have always been plain text entries.

I've always liked this distinction, and felt it was useful because it seemed to help me write more (omitting the need for a title was surprisingly freeing). But, I've always felt like something was missing with posts.

Emphasis and links are important aspects of web writing, whether the piece has a title or not. Markdown allows us to use these elements in posts without abandoning their plain text simplicity.

So take a review of the markdown style guide and start marking down your posts!

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Stop Saying We Can't Go Back to Normal After Vaccines (

Having three safe and effective vaccines gives us reason to be bold. No one seems to get this, though.

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