March 14, 2021


Crumpling Paper and Hanging Art

The Latest Wrinkle in Crumple Theory (

Interesting article about a recent Nature Communications paper on the math and physics of paper crumpling. I'll never looks at wastepaper basketball the same way again.

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Associated Newspapers complains to CBS after Oprah interview (

People confuse journalism and entertainment all the time. Understandably so, the line is blurry and getting blurrier. Oprah Winfrey is no journalist. That interview was entertainment, pure and simple. Holding it out as journalism and reporting of actual news should be an embarrassment for CBS.

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Denny went down to the office with me this morning to help hang the artwork in my office. It felt like old times! And the office feels a little more homey now, too.

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Pat and Denny came over for dinner tonight. First time in nearly a year (it might actually have been a year, we lost track). Renee and I and Pat and Denny are all fully vaccinated, so we gave hugs all around. Pat cried a bit she was so happy. The boys donned their masks and gave hugs too. Great evening. Great day.

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