October 3, 2021


This NFL season has drawn me in more than any other season in recent memory. I'm not sure why. It might have something to do with the Browns having a legitimate shot at making a playoff run. Maybe it's because Ohio State already lost and, well, one loss in college football makes it feel like the season is over. Heck, I'm even sort of rooting for Tom Brady. We're only in Week 4, too.

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Years of working on stent patents gave me an idea for repairing my Crocs. Teddy recently bit through the strap on my new pair. I thought about gluing it back together, but the internet tells me that cyanoacrylates don't play well with the foam in Crocs. Then I notice a small piece of fret wire on the workbench from one of Jonathan's guitar projects, and an image of stent barbs popped into my head. So I cut a few, stabbed the ends of the wire into the cut ends on the strap, and then plied them together, over the wire. The barbs seem to be working — the repair held all day.

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