October 7, 2021


Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in some advanced civilization's video game (vox.com)

This article is sort of fascinating, and is a door into a fairly deep hole. Oh, and the obvious soundtrack for reading it is Fantasy by Aldo Nova.

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The morning commute truly felt like a rat race today.

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The Rays have to be the favorite to win the World Series. And if that happens, Tampa Bay will hold three (NHL, NFL, MLB) of the four (NBA) major sports championships this year. That's incredible. And the city doesn't have an NBA franchise, so it's hard to ding them for that.

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A ‘Historic Event’: First Malaria Vaccine Approved by W.H.O. (nytimes.com)

The vaccine advances over the last two years are nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately, we've really had little time to celebrate these leaps forward because we're too busy trying to convince people that vaccines work. It's mind boggling to me.

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