October 31, 2021


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Mice are pretty resourceful, but apparently are not that great at thinking ahead. This little guy probably thought he had discovered paradise as he leapt into the dog food container, leaving the problem of getting back out for later. Well, later came this morning when Renee went to feed Teddy and she discovered him (and nearly had a heart attack). He could jump a few inches, but had zero chance of escaping. I drove the container over to a field and let him go.

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Chandra Sees Evidence for Possible Planet in Another Galaxy (nasa.gov)

A star blinked 28 million light years away, suggesting a planet passed in front of it. Incredible.

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Russia battles highest COVID-19 infection and death rates since the pandemic's start (npr.org)

"Georgii Bazykin, a biologist at the Skolkovo Institute in Moscow who studied the epidemiology of the virus, says state media has pushed conspiracies questioning the efficacy of Western vaccines that undermine Russia's own campaign....'It played a cruel joke on Russia's vaccination efforts,' says Bazykin, 'a country that produces and exports a vaccine its own citizens refuse to take."

Well this is interesting. Russia's disinformation campaign against Western vaccines has produced unintended consequences at home — hesitancy by Russians to take the home frown Sputnik vaccine.

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