December 25, 2021


The significance of Daytona (

"Even if no one else reads my blog, having an idea harvester and an archive of years of writing gives me something no one has had before. No one."

Except Daystream.

I understand Dave Winer's excitement about his Daytona (and now Drummer) project, but to claim "no one" had something like his new feature simply because he's not aware of it is sort of naive and, well, arrogant. It's like every inventor that comes to me for a patent application, claiming their invention must be new because they've never seen anything like it in stores before. Nine times out of ten a simple patentability search reveals something really close to what they've got. Did Dave make a search before writing that claim? Or is he just making a judgment based on the various blogging and writing platforms he has used or is familiar with?

I mean, damn, one of the main reasons we started Daystream was because of the frustration we had when looking for content on someone's wall.

I've tried to engage with Dave over the years, but he's never responded to any of my efforts. I'm not in the club, I understand that...and I'm ok with it.

I experimented with his Fargo product a few years back, and swore I'd never use anything of his again after that experience—trying to follow his projects was like trying to untangle a bowl of spaghetti before eating any of it. And then he killed it.

So, yeah, his current Daytona and Drummer projects look interesting, but I'm blissfully happy with the "idea harvester and an archive of years of writing" that Daystream has given me for over a decade. And I don't care for spaghetti much.

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