January 24, 2022


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Seeing "Replace Battery" on the screen in your Tesla produces a little anxiety, I can attest to that. This message popped up on my Model 3 yesterday. Luckily, the devil is in the details - the 12V battery needs to be replaced, not the battery battery.

A few taps in the app last night and I scheduled an appointment for first thing this morning...and now I'm sitting in the service center waiting for the tech to complete the job. Normally I'd replace a car battery myself, but the price they quoted me is ridiculously cheap...and I don't know how to access the 12V in the 3. So, service center coffee for me this morning.

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I think this past weekend was the single best weekend of football I've ever seen. All four NFL playoff games were incredible, each with a thrilling finish. Every game ended regulation with a field goal, three of which ended the game and the last sending it into overtime.

I wanted the Bills to win last night, and I think everyone watching (including me) was sure they would after they scored to go ahead with 13 seconds left. The Chiefs' game-tying drive was incredible, to be sure, but the Bills' defense played those last 13 seconds of regulation like they were already focused on the win. And overtime rules basically come down to the flip of a coin, and the Bills lost that, too.

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