April 16, 2022


I completed a pretty major update to Daystream last night. I've been working on upgrading to Rails 7 over the last couple weeks and, while doing that, decided to switch from Bootstrap to Tailwind CSS. Last night I pushed everything to production.

Getting Rails 7 to work on Elastic Beanstalk is far simpler than the process for doing so for Rails 6. And deleting node and yarn from the process felt way better than I expected.

And I'm loving the flexibility Tailwind provides. There's still a lot to do on the design front, including a lot of cleanup, but the Tailwind's approach to CSS is more logical to me and, dare I say, has me excited about improving the design of the site.

So, the work continues.

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I just cut the grass for the first time this year. I'm already behind. It was so long that I had to put the mower on the highest settings, which means I'll get to cut it again in a few days. Spring has definitely sprung!

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