August 2, 2022


The Speaker Has Landed

This little-known Air Force jet just became the most-watched aircraft in history (

The world held its collective breath today as Nancy Pelosi left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It still wasn't clear if she was going to make her planned stop in Taiwan as she entered the air, so people around the world turned to flight tracking apps like Flightradar24 to watch as SPAR19 headed around the South China Sea and eventually turned North, heading around the Philippines and right for Taiwan.

I use Flightradar24 all the time, but couldn't get data to load this morning as so many people around the world watched our Speaker head East (and North) for democracy.

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We ate dinner at The Hangar at Albert Whitted tonight. One of our favorites, but the weather threatened rain all day, which made for a slow day at the airport. So, we didn't see much activity as we ate. Bummer.

The ground crew did tug this Pilatus from a hangar across the way to a spot right in front of our car right before we left. Jake and I took a closer look through the fence.

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