March 30, 2023


Opening Day Split

It's Opening Day! We've got a great day of baseball planned, too. Renee, Jake, and I will be at Tropicana Field as the Rays open the 2023 campaign against the Tigers. The Guardians are conveniently in Seattle, which will give us plenty of time to get home from a Rays victory (here's hoping!) to watch Cleveland in a late game.

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15 games, 1 huge day: Here's what you need to know (

"For the first time since 1968, all 30 teams will play their first games on the same day (March 30), so Thursday will feature hours of nonstop baseball action."

First time in my lifetime then. That's pretty cool.

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The Guardians lost their opener in a game that, I guess, qualifies as a pitching duel.

Castillo was lights out for the Mariners, and Bieber managed to keep things together and avoid damage as the two starters battled to a 0-0 lock until each left the game.
Relievers told a different story, though. Seattle smoothly transitioned to the bullpen, while Cleveland hit a major bump in the eighth when a clearly rattled by the pitch clock Karinchak served up a three run homer, which was the difference.

Guardians lose the opener 3-0.

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Rays’ Randy Arozarena has arrived in Tampa Bay, so let the party begin (

We had a front row seat for the Arozarena show at the Rays game, with seats in the left field boxes just a few rows behind the wall. He's a character, for sure, and was clearly having fun.

As were we and everyone else sitting in his seats.

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