March 31, 2023


Waiting on a Friend

Midjourney ends free trials of its AI image generator due to 'extraordinary' abuse | Engadget (

"Midjourney is putting an end to free use of its AI image generator after people created high-profile deepfakes using the tool."

And they're surprised by this? Really? Give me a break.

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OpenAI's ChatGPT Blocked In Italy: Privacy Watchdog (

" legal basis to justify the mass collection and storage of personal data for the purpose of 'training' the algorithms underlying the operation of the platform."

Italy is taking an interesting angle on guard railing AI—privacy.

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GM is ditching CarPlay in all future EVs and teaming up with Google instead (

"This change, the report explains, will help GM 'capture more data on how consumers drive and charge EVs.'"

Future GM owners just became the product.

Our next vehicle will have CarPlay, which means it won't be a GM.

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