April 30, 2023


Cowboys scout emotional as team drafts his son (espn.com)

[Jerry] Jones has been part of more than 30 drafts as the team's owner and general manager. He has presided over No. 1 overall picks and a number of high-level trades. "I've never had an experience like that in the draft room. Ever," Jones said.

This is a pretty cool story. Randy Scott on ESPN SportsCenter summed up my thoughts on it pretty well: "Don't you make me like the Cowboys...don't you dare humanize that star."

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Uploaded to Twitter for Hours, Now Pulled (gizmodo.com)

[C]hecking their account, they’re not only tweeting like nothing’s happened, they’ve just started to upload Bee Movie onto their account. And honestly, that may just be the most Twitter thing to happen out of this whole ordeal.

Twitter took down the boosts with the Mario Bros movie, but apparently didn't lock or limit the poster's account, allowing them to post another movie. I checked the account right after reading this article and, sure enough, the two most recent tweets included The Bee Movie, split into two parts.

Apparently lack of consequences for copyright infringement is another perk of a Twitter Blue subscription.

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Slashdot (slashdot.org)

Basically what we're trying to do is amplify what's considered good behavior and then de-amplify what's considered bad behavior.

Sounds good. But, um, 'considered' by whom?

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Gas leaf blowers and lawn mowers are shockingly bad for the planet. Bans are beginning to spread. (usatoday.com)

“For the majority of residents who own single family homes, it’s going to be all electric, all day long," said Daniel Mabe, founder and president of the American Green Zone Alliance.

Electric vehicles are the obvious elephant in the room when it comes to gas-powered engines. But, once you think of all the lawnmowers, blowers, trimmers, edgers, snowblowers, and other small equipment out there, it's easy to see that, collectively, they could be a bigger deal.

And the shift to electric for the lawn is well underway—a visit to an big box store this spring revealed that. All are stacked to the ceiling with electric mowers and trimmers.

We bought our first electric mower this year. I mostly love it. The battery claims are bullshit, of course. It doesn't even come close to the range listed on the box. My thick lawn and the wet conditions we've had so far are probably not the conditions they used to test the battery to support those claims, but I don't think my lawn is much different than most. But, it's no big deal. I just break the job up a bit, and will likely buy a second battery someday.

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Responsive image

I think the engineers that designed the battery and charger for our new electric lawnmower took design cues from Boba Fett. I kind of dig it.

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