June 14, 2021


First job first day

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After dropping Jake off at the airport for his first day of work, I went fishing. It felt great to be back at the trout club -- it's been nearly a year since I've been there (thanks Covid).

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I stopped on the way home to check in on the progress of the guitar project. The glue is cured and the clamps are off. The body looks and feels good. The perimeter is sanded and rounded over and the pocket for the pickup is cut. Controls will be cut next. Here, Jonathan and Grandpa Denny are starting to plan the neck.

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Jake started his first job today. He's working at Fremont Airport, helping out with a little bit of anything that comes up. I'm a bit jealous - not only has he found something he truly loves, but his first job, at sixteen, is directly related to it. He could spend his entire work life in the field he loves. Lucky guy.

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