September 21, 2021


Our Deadliest Pandemic

Covid is officially America's deadliest pandemic as U.S. fatalities surpass 1918 flu estimates (

This could be viewed as reflective of the relative virulence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus compared to the virus responsible for the 1918 flu pandemic. It could also be viewed as reflective of the ability of misinformation to overcome 100+ years of scientific and medical progress in combating deadly viruses.

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The bridge went up and I thought we'd be welcoming a ship into port this morning. No luck...just a barge heading out.

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Four dinosaurs discovered in Montana, including a possible rare ostrich-mimic Anzu: Fieldwork pieces together life at the end of ‘Dinosaur Era’ (

The find includes a triceratops specimen, and another that could be a new species.

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President Biden urges unity in first UN speech amid tensions with allies (

Ending "relentless war" and starting "a new era of relentless diplomacy" sounds good to me.

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