October 9, 2021


PCL Activate!

Working on adding a few more iOS Shortcuts to posting to Daystream via the API. This post was added by sharing a draft to a Shortcut that adds a post to the current day's journal with shared text.

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Just watched Jake takeoff from Fremont Airport for a little night flying.

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Renee and I have had a lot of fun watching Jeopardy lately. The current champion (Matt, something) is having quite the run — with a 30+ game win streak, he's now second all time on that metric, trailing only the GOAT, Ken Jennings. Matt still has to essentially double his existing streak to catch Ken, a tall order for sure. We'll see.

Anyways, during yesterdays broadcast, I had an idea for a game show. The premise is simple - have contestants compete on their web research skills. A host would ask Jeopardy-level questions (or give the answers in Jeopardy format). The contestants would have a set time limit - 60 seconds maybe? - to answer. First one to buzz in gets an advantage of some sort, but a penalty if wrong. They can answer using their own knowledge. Or, they can use the web! Viewers could watch their web research on the side, in an Iron Chef, behind the scenes while it's made, sort of way. At 60 seconds, everyone shows their answers and points are awarded for correct answers, with advantage/penalty based on the time they buzzed in factored in.

I think this would be fascinating to watch, to see how people research things. Sites they use, how they scan info, and assess credibility. Producers could have a lot of fun designing questions based on information available on the web.

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Just sitting here alongside the runway, waiting for Jake to appear. Pilot Contrilled Lighting just turned on—he must be close! That was pretty cool to see.

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I've watched Jake land countless times, and it never gets old for me. But watching him land tonight was really something. I headed over the the runway once I knew he was on the final leg of his flight. I sat there, in the darkness, waiting. Then, suddenly, the runway lit up all at once as the Pilot Controlled Lighting turned on. I couldn't see the plane yet, but knew he was close. Then I noticed his lights off in the distance and he was on the ground not long after. Seeing those lights come on as I sat there alone was truly amazing!

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