November 22, 2021


‘Spirit of Innovation’ stakes claim to be the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle (

As well as a stunning technical achievement, the project and world record runs provided important data for our future electric power and propulsion systems for all-electric urban air mobility and hybrid-electric commuter aircraft. The characteristics that ‘air-taxis’ require from batteries, for instance, are very similar to what was developed for the ‘Spirit of Innovation’. 

Development of electric planes seems to be moving along quite a bit faster than I though. And it seems like the technology will grow the field, enabling urban air-taxis.

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GM takes a stake in electric boating start-up Pure Watercraft (

Nice - electric boats are coming, too.

I spent a lot of time on an inland lake in Michigan as a kid, and can still see the film of gasoline that always seemed to spread behind our old Evinrude...and to which no one paid any attention. Boat people can connect with this visual because they've all seen it. I bet electric outboards will be well received once widely available and affordable.

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link published in /2021/11/22