February 13, 2022


Jake and I drove down to Tiffin, Ohio this morning for his track meet. We took the back roads for the hour long drive, passing through three or four tiny towns, most of which consisted of a single intersection of two lane state highways, a few run down houses, and, usually, evidence of an abandoned storefront of some sort.

The politics of these tiny towns is on full display. It's not just pro-Trump (who is currently a non-candidate, ex-President) and anti-Biden. No, it's hatefully anti-Biden. "Joe and the Ho Must Go" kind of stuff (that's an actual, non-handwritten sign in a front yard that we passed).

Who does that? It's crazy to me that people who generally claim to be religious, "family value" type people can actively promote vitriol like that. It's not about policy, it's about hate and intimidation.

It's nuts.

And, I'm afraid, it's the real Ohio right now.

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Canada bridge protesters cleared by police after a week of disruption (bbc.com)

What makes something a "peaceful protest"? Is it just the absence of physical violence? I don't think so. To me, it seems like the intentional infliction of economic harm to two countries renders your protest non-peaceful.

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