September 25, 2022


Ah, the oh-so-reliable Lions

Ah, the Detroit Lions did it again. Victory was seemingly in hand...until it wasn't. In the last minute I mentally prepared for overtime, assuming they would hold the Vikings to a game-tying field goal.

Nope. A defensive breakdown left a recover wide open in end zone to give Minnesota, with the extra point, a four point lead with forty-five seconds left.

So there's a chance, right? Yes, there was, indeed, a chance. The Lions even seemed to start a March down the field, but then it sputtered. And then it died when quarterback Jared Goff inexplicably pulled the trigger on the Hail Mary on third down, with time left on the clock for another play. Needless to say his pass was intercepted at the goal line, killing any chance the Lions had at winning.

Ah, yes, the Lions did it again.

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