April 1, 2023


No fooling

Russia assumes UN Security Council presidency despite Ukrainian anger (bbc.com)

Not an April Fool's joke.

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DeSantis’s Allies Discover Disney Evaded Florida’s Move to Rein It In (nytimes.com)

"Nobody seemed to have paid attention, however, to an important detail: Disney had been simultaneously maneuvering to restrict the governor’s effort. In early February — at a public meeting held by the previous, Disney-controlled oversight board — the company pushed through a development agreement that would limit the new board’s power for decades to come."

Mess with the Mouse, you'll get the horns.

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St. Pete Beach has a distinctive Midwest vibe to it. There's no shortage of vacationers from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, etc. Residents often hail from the breadbasket, too. I think this has been true for a long time. I remember my grandmother noting essentially the same thing, forty plus years ago when I first started visiting the area with her and my grandfather. Our vacation stays at the Howard Johnson hotel on Gulf Boulevard are treasured memories for me (the HoJo is now a Hilton Garden Inn).

There seems to be more folks from the East coast in the area, lately. Not a bad or a good thing, just a thing. An observation.

We've met a few vacationers from New Jersey on this trip (retirees) and I've noticed several license plate frames touting Rutgers and other East coast schools. Maybe that could be viewed as a Midwest thing, though, with Rutgers now in the Big Ten. Maybe not.

Home prices have shot up dramatically over the last few years. I think Covid forced a wave of people out of NYC and other big cities permanently; perhaps vacation attitudes changed, too, as part of that.

St. Pete Beach has a character that, I think, is distinctly its own, unique among the Gulf Coast beach towns. It's down to earth, diverse, and vibrant. It's not pretentious at all. No one cares what you do (or did) for a living, or even what your last name is. People would rather talk about the early bird special at Leverock's than hear about how important you are (or were). It's fun and interesting and active and safe. It's wonderful, and I love it.

Like all cities that are lucky enough to have a defining personality, St. Pete Beach knows itself, too. It has confidence. Not arrogance; not even swagger. Just awareness and comfort in being true to itself. Confidence.

An influx of new folks won't change that.

Not overnight, at least.

As I just finished writing (and editing) this post, I watched a guy walk across the street as he headed to the beach. He had a pool noodle in one hand and a caged bird in the other, and was wearing an Ohio State t-shirt.

Go Bucks.

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Dude 1 (packing up beach supplies from the trunk, seemingly surprised with what he found): "Dude...spike ball!"

Dude 2: "I'm totally down for spike ball."

Dude 3: "I'm getting a little drunk first."

Dude 1. "Hundred percent."

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Police ‘handcuff’ nine-foot alligator on Florida street (independent.co.uk)

"In what would be an unusual incident pretty much anywhere else in the world, police officers in Florida 'handcuffed' an alligator found roaming down a street in Tampa."

Oh so Florida.

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Today was damn near a perfect day. We had beautiful weather and a relaxed pace; spent plenty of time at the pool and had a wonderful dinner with nearly a full house (condo). After dinner, Renee went shopping with her mom and sisters and Denny and I sat down with a couple old fashioneds and watched basketball.

Damn near perfect.

And now the Guardians are leading the Mariners 1-0 in a late game. Perfection is still a possibility. I'll know tomorrow.

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