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What the hell happened it Russia over yesterday and today? I think the Prigozhin and his Wagner group wanted out of the war in Ukraine, but they couldn't retreat or they pointed the finger at Putin (which Wagner Prigozhin has been doing for months now, maybe as foundation for this) and threatened a coup. His March to Moscow ended as quickly as it began, and really ended up as nothing more than taking the scenic drive from southeastern Ukraine to Belarus. But, in the end, Wagner retreated from Ukraine...but didn't surrender.

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postposted by matt in Saturday, June 24, 2023

Elderly Russian woman fined for calling Zelensky ‘handsome’ (

Ms Sleginam...was reported to police by three other visitors at the cafe.

To me, that quote is the scariest aspect of this story. Sure, the censorship laws are horrible and the willingness of the system to apply them to an elderly woman commenting on Zelensky's attractiveness, a completely subjective topic, is ridiculous. But, the fact that people were willing to "report" the situation to police in the first place is scary as hell. It shows that the law and enforcement system have a foothold, regardless of how horrible and ridiculous it is.

That is scary.

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posted by matt in Thursday, April 20, 2023

Trevor Reed: Russia swaps former US Marine for Russian prisoner held in US (

"...after a lengthy negotiation process."

It's nice to see we can still communicate with Russia on some level.

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posted by matt in Wednesday, April 27, 2022