April 25, 2023


Moths are more efficient pollinators than bees, shows new research (phys.org)

Amid widespread concern about the decline of wild pollinating insects like bees and butterflies, University of Sussex researchers have discovered that moths are particularly vital pollinators for nature.

Save the bees. And the moths.

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GM says it will stop building electric Chevy Bolt by end of 2023 (wtol.com)

CEO Mary Barra also announced that GM will stop building the electric Chevrolet Bolt hatchback and small SUV by the end of this year. The Bolt is now GM's top selling EV, but the plant north of Detroit that builds it is being converted to make electric trucks.

Transitioning to electric vehicles is weird. GM is killing the Bolt, its current best-selling EV. Why? Trucks, of course. It makes sense...it's just weird.

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I'm looking out my office window at the MLK bridge over the Maumee River. It's cold and raining. Looks miserable outside. There's a bird perched on the bridge abutment, seemingly unbothered by the weather. She (he?) is huddled just enough under the bridge to stay dry, yet is still able to watch the rain falling on the river. It's just sitting there, watching the rain. Maybe it's enjoying the peacefulness of the scene as much as I am.

Great reminder that even on a gloomy day, there's still beauty to be found in the world around us.

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That's him (or her) right there in the middle of this photo. I think he's loving this rain.

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