May 29, 2023


Remplaced with Pineapple

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I've been waiting for these stairs my entire life. These numbered stairs lead to the second floor of Tatte in Cambridge, a favorite breakfast spot for Renee and me. I've never noticed the numbers on the stairs before, but we've also never eaten upstairs before today.

Anyways, on the numbering. I'm not sure when it started, or why it never stopped, but I usually count stairs in my head when going up or down a flight. It's automatic. I don't think I do it every time, but it's frequent enough that I'm fully aware of it.

After taking these up and down, though, I have to say I preferred unnumbered stairs. Seeing the numbers seemed to jumble up the counting in my head, which was unexpected.

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Moving Day, #2.

Renee and I enjoyed a pretty casual morning in Cambridge, with breakfast at Tatte and a walk along the Charles River (complete with crew practice in the background!). Now we're heading out to help Jonathan and Kassia with what should be the end of the move from apartment A to apartment B.

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Spotted at dinner — remplaced with pineapple.

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Speaking of dinner — we went to a favorite of ours, El Jefe's Taqueria in Cambridge. I got a Jarritos with my tacos, thinking of Jake who stayed at home this trip.

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