July 4, 2023


Sunset will occur tonight at 09:13 PM. My sunsetter script is set to take a photo at that time and at six deviation times.

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I added the camera to the Raspberry Pi today and got the script to the point where it's adding commands for snapping the sunset pic and pics for six deviation times (-30 minutes, -10, -5, +5, +10, and +30) to the crontab. I actually finished it right before the -30 time for tonight's sunset, so I hastily strapped the camera to the outside of the Pi with a rubber band, put it on a little tripod, and pointed it out the window. An hour later, I logged in and was pleased to see seven jpg files right where I expected them.

My aim wasn't bad, but the camera clearly focused on the screen in the window. I'll work on that.

Here's the -30 pic for tonight, taken at 8:42, 30 minutes before the sunset time of 9:12. You can see the sun as a pinpoint of orange light through the trees in the bottom left.

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Here's the humble setup for tonight's through-the-window sunset shots.

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