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With all the prepping for the first fully-automatic test run of the Raspberry Pi Sunsetter...I forgot to flip the switch on the power cord when I plugged it in yesterday. Last night, at Pat and Denny's, I checked my day view at the appropriate times and found nothing. I discovered the switch issue when we got home.

So, we'll try again tonight. She's powered up and ready to roll. I'll check back later this morning—the post with the sunset time should be added at about 11 AM, and the first sunset deviation pic (minus thirty minutes) should be added at around 8:45 PM.

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postposted by matt in Monday, July 10, 2023

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Ok, so the first automated photo and upload from the Raspberry Pi is not a sunset photo. I had the Pi laying on the floor next to my chair in the family room as I was coding the upload script. Now that it's working, I'll put it in place for a better view. Should have a decent test tonight!

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photo posted by matt in Sunday, July 9, 2023

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I added the camera to the Raspberry Pi today and got the script to the point where it's adding commands for snapping the sunset pic and pics for six deviation times (-30 minutes, -10, -5, +5, +10, and +30) to the crontab. I actually finished it right before the -30 time for tonight's sunset, so I hastily strapped the camera to the outside of the Pi with a rubber band, put it on a little tripod, and pointed it out the window. An hour later, I logged in and was pleased to see seven jpg files right where I expected them.

My aim wasn't bad, but the camera clearly focused on the screen in the window. I'll work on that.

Here's the -30 pic for tonight, taken at 8:42, 30 minutes before the sunset time of 9:12. You can see the sun as a pinpoint of orange light through the trees in the bottom left.

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photo posted by matt in Tuesday, July 4, 2023