July 30, 2023


Headed to St. Pete Beach today. Left Perrysburg at our usually time ~4:15 AM. It's a long drive, but I truly look forward to it. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's nostalgia (been doing it my whole life), maybe it's the "dashboard thinking time," maybe it's the opportunity to catch up on podcasts. Whatever it is, SPB here we come!

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Futuristic stuff that we've waited decades for seems now to be arriving in rapid fire succession. AI, of course, has garnered headlines (and mind space) for the last several months as ChatGPT rolled out new versions. And Congress received seemingly credible whistleblower testimony alleging that the U.S. government has been covering up, for decades, evidence of aliens and their spaceships.

On the good and not-so-scary side of this, we have had the Dick Tracy watch for some time now (with the Apple Watch).

Maybe flying cars are right around the corner.

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Working with Ulysses on my iPhone while Renee is driving for a bit. What a great app! I can see how this could greatly improve my writing by reducing the time it takes to move something from my mind to paper, so to speak. Both for personal and professional writing.

And I think I can hook it directly into my existing Daystream workflows that use iOS Shortcuts.

Trying that now...

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Ulysses works fairly well with Shortcuts. This could make it a lot easier to publish to Daystream. Will keep tinkering.

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Our drive to St. Pete Beach went fairly smoothly. We arrived at about 9:30, which is pretty good for us. We had a few slowdowns along the way, but nothing too bad. Weather was a bit choppy–a few downpours here and there.

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