August 3, 2023


Sunset will occur tonight at 08:20 PM. My sunsetter script is set to take a photo at that time and at six deviation times.

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Renee and I watched a married couple walk into the ocean today as we were floating off the beach. The woman walked in, snorkel gear in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. Renee and I looked at each other, clearly wondering the same thing — is she going to just flick that into the water? To the woman's credit, she didn't. She dunked it, then carefully placed it in a bag she had (I think for any shells she finds while snorkeling).

Renee and I looked at each other again: Nice!

Then the man walked in, a few minutes after the woman. Same thing, except for the dunking and bagging part. He looked at his kid (who had walked in before both of them), flicked his cigarette in the ocean, strapped on his mask, and swam away.


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