August 6, 2023


Researcher names recently discovered 500-million-year-old sea worm after 'Dune' monster | CNN (

They're a bit smaller than the sandworms of Arrakis and the "blades" seem to be exoskeleton rather than teeth. But...the homage of naming newly-discovered Shaihuludia shurikeni after Dune's sandworms is perfect.

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Sunset will occur tonight at 08:18 PM. My sunsetter script is set to take a photo at that time and at six deviation times.

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My God, This Is a Magical Country (

I want to do a cross-country drive someday, exactly for everything in this article. I'm not sure why, but the countless drives I've done from Ohio to Florida, and back again, just don't count. It has to be East-West, although not necessarily coast-to-coast (I'd settle for leaving from Toledo, but could manage a Boston departure).


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Season-ticket sellout shows Detroit Lions fans are on the hype train (

Things are looking up in Detroit.

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DeSantis’ Disney retaliation hurts Florida, former government officials say in court filing (

The group of former Republican officials "...compared the (DeSantis) takeover (of the Reedy Creek/Disney Board) to autocratic actions taken in Russia and China."

Yep, sounds about right.

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