August 9, 2023


Laid Back Gene Shalit

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We're having breakfast at one of our favorite spots this morning — The Seahorse in Pass-a-Grille, St. Pete Beach. Great diner food. The tables have postcards, news clippings, and other items under a layer of epoxy. I noticed this gem, which was right in front of me, after reading an article about Gene Shalit getting hit by a car down the 1994.

The Aquatarium was an aquarium and performance center that literally occupied the ground on which our condo stands now. I went there as a kid with my grandparents.

Gene Shalit was ok, btw. Broken leg.

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Smart's Folly (

I used to be a Big Ten traditionalist. Easy to do, as an Ohio State fan. Weirdly, though, as I get older I'm ok with all of this change. Let's see where it takes the game.

And, besides, killing the PAC-10 is like the ultimate Rose Bowl victory.

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I'm torn, honestly.

I love Florida. I always have. I've visited regularly since I was probably four. St. Pete Beach is a second home (literally and figuratively) for me. I love the beach and the ocean, the sunsets, the food and shopping. Even the baseball. I love the whole vibe.

But I hate the politics. The DeSantis culture war is nothing short of insanity. But, sadly, it seems to be sticking a bit, which makes me worry that the sarcasm of this shirt will soon be unnecessary.

For now, I'll say it sarcastically, in the spirit of this shirt.

Florida sucks; stay away.

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Hillsborough schools cut back on Shakespeare, citing new Florida rules (

Shakespearean sex is still allowed in Florida schools, apparently.

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Google is helping pilots route flights to create fewer contrails, which is better for the climate (

See, AI is not all bad.

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