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Jonathan said the magic words the other day — "maybe I'll re-read Dune before watching the movies." He didn't share my love for the book after reading it the first time a few years ago. Hopefully a re-read will change his view on it. Regardless, I'm taking the opportunity to re-read it myself, hoping it still stands up to the "favorite science fiction book of all time" label I've given it.

He'll be home for the summer before heading out for grad school in the fall. Reading — and watching — Dune together will be a lot of fun.

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postposted by matt in Monday, April 29, 2024

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Looking at the label on the back, I believe that's my first copy of Dune (I've had several over the years). I bought it at my all time favorite bookstore — Thackeray's in Toledo — probably around 30 years ago.

Thackeray's is long gone and I miss it dearly. I used to love going there with my dad, and spent many a Sunday afternoon there later in life all by myself, perusing, reading, and buying books.

That book is worth way more than a quarter!

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photo posted by matt in Sunday, May 29, 2022

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My mother-in-law is having a garage sale. I walked through the setup in the garage the other night (as I was breaking my vow to never 'leave' a game early). Two of my books somehow found their way into the wares. Two of my all time favorites no less — Dune and Shōgun.

Not sure how that happened (Renee denies giving them to her, and is telling me I must have done it — no way!).

Anyways, I pulled them both. Not for sale!

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photo posted by matt in Sunday, May 29, 2022