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Disney reportedly wants to bring always-on channels to Disney Plus (

There's value in television that's just...on. Always. It might be a generational thing, but we like having the tv on even when we're not focused on a particular show. Background noise, I guess. We've watched the Harry Potter movies that way several times over the years, catching random bits here and there. And that's not to mention Golden Girls, Fraser, Friends, and other series we 'watch' as we fall asleep at night. It's interesting, and a little funny, to see a streaming service recognize this.

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posted by matt in Monday, April 15, 2024

We finished Succession on HBO (Max, sorry) tonight. The first three seasons of the show were some of the best tv I've ever watched, but this last season was...painful. We really forced ourselves to finish it ("we made it this far...."). The last half of the last episode was interesting, and did have me reevaluating my feelings for each of the characters. So I was invested and interested in it. The twist was a surprise, too, which helped. Over all, though, I have to say I was disappointed as it just feels like this season prevented the show from living up to its potential, a high bar set by the first three seasons, for sure.

And I'm Team Kendall, btw.

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postposted by matt in Sunday, June 11, 2023

We just finished watching the first two seasons of Succession on HBO. It's tremendous. The storylines are well written and intertwine tightly, and there's really no weak spot in the acting - you're sort of left loving and hating every main character. I've got to let it sit in my mind a bit but it might be my new favorite show that we've streamed. Really well done.

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postposted by matt in Sunday, March 7, 2021