March 7, 2021


Stranger Pattern Alignment

Our decreased activity during the pandemic has reduced itself to a repetition of the same things, day after day and week after week. It's the Groundhog Day effect. I realized today, during our weekly trip to Costco (which we do at the same time and day each week), that we see a lot of the same strangers each week. Our patterns are aligning...and it's weird.

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We took Teddy over to Debbie's house, and grandma and grandpa came over, too. It's probably the most normal family thing we've done in a long time...and it felt great. The dogs loved it, too.

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We just finished watching the first two seasons of Succession on HBO. It's tremendous. The storylines are well written and intertwine tightly, and there's really no weak spot in the acting - you're sort of left loving and hating every main character. I've got to let it sit in my mind a bit but it might be my new favorite show that we've streamed. Really well done.

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