February 27, 2021


The Big Melt

I wanted to love foldable phones, but the novelty got old fast (cnet.com)

Phones with foldable displays are a technical challenge. Engineers love a challenge. That doesn't mean customers want the solution. I think Apple is smartly feigning interest here, letting others waste time on the puzzle.

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Facebook Weighing Up Legality of Facial Recognition in Upcoming Smart Glasses (macrumors.com)

People might want to continue wearing masks after the pandemic ends...for reasons not related to the virus.

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Judge approves $650 million Facebook privacy settlement over facial recognition feature (theverge.com)

Meanwhile, in other Facebook face recognition news....

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How Bitcoin's vast energy use could burst its bubble (bbc.com)

The narrative on Bitcoin is shifting. I've seen several articles on the energy impact of Bitcoin mining over the last couple weeks. I'd seen nothing on it before then, although my son had mentioned it to me several times.

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Today's warm weather got the big melt underway - the sewer was swallowing melted snow all day long. I recorded this near the sewer across the street from the house...just a quick clip of the steady stream of water flowing across the grate and into the space below.

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