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It's absolutely perfect outside this morning. No clouds, 70°, and an ever so slight breeze.

Wow it's cold this morning—dropped to 52° overnight. Looks like it's going to stay cool today, too, only reaching the mid seventies for a high. Good day to finish moving that [mountain of mulch](

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Chilling with Teddy (and Renee) this morning on this Memorial Day. The weather is perfect—mid to high seventies with a slight breeze and clear skies. Let summer begin.

This year's spring showers aren't respecting the end of April deadline—we've had what seems to be an inordinate amount of rain during this first week of May. Looks like we've got an all day soaker ahead of us today, too.

May flowers can't come soon enough!

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Spring in the Midwest can be a little crazy. Snow arrived right on schedule this afternoon. And we're supposed to hit eighty degrees this weekend.

By the way, I've been watching that caulking gun on the ledge in the photo for at least a few months now. They did some work on the gutters on the building next to my office awhile back, and one of the workers left it behind. So there it sits, four or five stories off the ground and out of view from nearly everyone. Something tells me it's going to sit there for quite awhile. I can't imagine they repair gutters or the roof on that building very often, and it looks like it's shielded from the wind pretty well (I think it would take quite a gust to knock it down anyways). Months at least, maybe years. We'll see.

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We woke to a beautiful pastel sky this morning. It feels a little disingenuous though, as we supposed to have rain (and even some snow!) later this afternoon.

It's a little late, but, snow's here.

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We had some pretty strange weather today...warm, and foggy. Even late in the day.

First snow arrived today. Not much, but it's here. And gone. It's supposed to be sixty degrees plus later this week. That's how the beginning of winter rolls in Ohio.

Wow, that's an abrupt ending! Yesterday was the last day of summer and today we won't see a temperature beyond the 50s. All day rain, too.

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It's been almost a year since I moved to the new firm, but I still feel like I'm getting used to the place. The physical place—the office. We had some storms roll through today and it felt like the first time I had seen that from this view. I don't know if it is or not, but it felt new to me. And it was actually nice, too. Rain on the river.

"Her Siri, what's the weather in St. Pete Beach today?"'s about time to get back to the beach.

Ironically, though, it's going to be warmer at home than down in SPB today.

looks like we're in for an all day soaker today

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I've been tempted to start on opening the pool the last few weekends. I'm glad I waited!

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Alice looked out the bedroom window this morning in a little bit of disbelief. And, bonus, if you look closely, you can see the rows from where I cut the grass over the weekend. Nuts.

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The backyard looks like what we want it to look like on Christmas mornings.

Spring in the never know what tomorrow will bring. Well, last night brought about 4" of snow for us. It will all be gone by the afternoon, I'm sure.

There's a storm sweeping across the route home today, so we'll stay another day. Darn. ;-)

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I tested both today–seems accurate.

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Looks like we'll have to wait a few more days for the hot tub. Pool's nice, though!

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It's absolutely beautiful outside this morning. A little cold, but I'll take it. The midwestern gloom of February and March appears to be leaving, right on time.

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It's a perfect day for flying! Jake is heading out for a little pattern work with his instructor and will then book some solo time.

Last day of February and we're at 55 degrees and the sun is out in full force. It's beautiful. It's Spring. But it isn't. Just more of February in Ohio.

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It was super warm yesterday afternoon (above 50), but everything frosted over last night. February in Ohio!

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Dark Sky seems to be a bit out of whack. Apparently we're going to get 16-26 inches of snow today...while there's only a single hour that has a significant probability for precipitation (and even that's less than 50%). I've noticed this happen several times during the recent snow storm that crossed the country. They still can't beat the local weatherman during storms!

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That's a lot of snow!

There's a time-honored tradition here in the Midwest of judging the snow-clearing performance of your city or town after a big storm. I certainly don't want to ignore tradition after this doozy of a storm! So, nice work Perrysburg. All major roads were clear early this morning and the plows made a first pass on our residential street as I was finishing the driveway at about 9 AM. This evening, they were focused on detail work, widening the streets a bit. Great job!

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Well, Round Two certainly didn't disappoint. This is taken right outside our garage, and the top of the driveway. I think there's a little drifting in it, but not much. Luckily it's a really light snow...relatively easy to clear.

Round Two is underway. Current prediction is for an additional 8-10" of snow over the next several hours. Should be wrapped up overnight. Looking forward to clearing the driveway in the morning!

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Ready to clean up after Round One. Not too bad - looks like the shovel will be sufficient. Saving the snowblower for Round Two later this evening!

Round One of today's snow has come and gone. Looks like a couple inches of light and fluffy. Off to shovel....

Finally got a bit of snow. Today seems like winter is finally making an appearance.

We hit the mid thirties today - fairly warm for January in Ohio. Renee and were able to get out for a nice walk. Hopefully these temps stay with us for a bit...and the snow stays away.

...and it's snowing....

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It's cold and drizzling today, with no let up in sight and the temperature is set to drop over the course of the day. Fall is indeed here and it feels like Winter is already knocking on the door!

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Early morning skies had us wondering if Jake would be able to fly today. The clouds cleared almost as we arrived at the airport, though, giving him a perfect day.

Jake was supposed to fly this morning but the wind is a bit too much - grounded until later this week!

It's a bit warmer today, which made our pre-dawn walk a bit more tolerable. A bit windy, though.

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A little practice in the rain!

A rainy day today...provides the perfect opportunity to get Jake some driving time in the rain.