October 26, 2021


Sunrise Split

Top Republican in the Florida Senate criticizes surgeon general's conduct (baynews9.com)

Wait, what's this? A Republican politician speaking of respecting each other’s level of comfort during a pandemic...in Florida?

There is hope.

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FDA advisory panel recommends Pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 (npr.org)

The vaccine "provides a broad defense against COVID-19 and 'effectively neutralized the delta variant.'"

One step closer.

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You can now add your COVID vaccine card to iPhone's Apple Wallet. Here's how to set it up (yahoo.com)

Something tells me the postcard/sticker/hand writing system used in Toledo is incompatible with this new iOS feature. I'll have to keep a picture of my vaccine card in my favorites album on my iPhone.

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Dune Part 2 Official: Denis Villeneuve Can Complete the Sci-Fi Tale (gizmodo.com)

Dune Part II is a go, making it safe to watch Part I.

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