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I've been down for the count today. My twice-a-year sinus infection has set in, and this one is a doozy. Probably the most intense sinus pain I've ever had.

The physician's assistant at my doctor's office recommended a neti pot. I've never used one but I'm open to anything when sinus pressure sets in. So, I bought one and gave it a go.

My first attempt was somewhat comical, probably because I didn't intentionally breathe through my mouth during the pour. It went pretty smoothly once I figured that out.

Oh, and I also learned that warm water is key.

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postposted by matt in Tuesday, April 26, 2022

You can now add your COVID vaccine card to iPhone's Apple Wallet. Here's how to set it up (

Something tells me the postcard/sticker/hand writing system used in Toledo is incompatible with this new iOS feature. I'll have to keep a picture of my vaccine card in my favorites album on my iPhone.

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posted by matt in Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Comparison of SpO2 and heart rate values on Apple Watch and conventional commercial oximeters devices in patients with lung disease - Scientific Reports (

The impact of the Apple Watch and other wearables on health and health care is only beginning to be understood. "We observed strong positive correlations between the Apple Watch device and commercial oximeters when evaluating heart rate measurements...and oximetry measurements...."

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posted by matt in Thursday, September 23, 2021