October 30, 2021



CDC study: Vaccination offers better protection than previous COVID-19 infection (thehill.com)

"...people hospitalized with coronavirus-like symptoms were more than five times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 if they had had recent prior infection than if they were recently vaccinated."

Get your shots, even if you've had COVID.

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Ambitious scientists reach one of the deep seas' most inaccessible places (mashable.com)

The earth still has a lot to reveal. And exploration like this, into the previously unexplored depths of the ocean, will likely support applied research and innovation for decades to come.

"'Systematic searches for new drugs have shown that marine invertebrates produce more antibiotic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory substances than any group of terrestrial organisms,' says the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."

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Walk-ins get VIP access at the vaccine clinic. I'm ok with that, as I suspect hesitant people are more likely to walk in than schedule an appointment. We should do whatever we can to ensure they have ready access whenever they feel right about it. "Welcome, right this way...."

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Michigan lost to Michigan State today. Certainly this is Harbaugh's best year, and it has felt like "Michigan is back" for the last several weeks. Today was a test of all of that, though, with the Wolverines playing the closely-ranked (Michigan is ranked 6th, Sparty 8th) and also undefeated (both 7-0 before the game) Spartans on the road. Most of the game felt like confirmation that, finally, Michigan is indeed back and relevant again — they lead by 16 in the third quarter. But, ultimately, the game delivered a confirmation of another sort — Harbaugh still can't win the big game.

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