January 23, 2022


Yesterday's NFL playoff games were fantastic - both ended on a last second field goal. The League's system - a grueling now seventeen game regular season with playoff spots determined by wins - consistently produces a great post-season product.

Contrast that to the college football "system," which awards "playoff" spots to teams based on arbitrary rankings, algorithms, and, I'm sure, one or more smoke-filled rooms. I haven't researched the stats, but it sure feels like that "system" produces more lopsided, uninteresting "playoff" games than games that are actually fun to watch.

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Another great NFL playoff game today, the third of the weekend to end with a last second field goal. What a great weekend of football (and we still have the Bills / Chiefs game later tonight).

I was a little torn between the Buccaneers and the Rams - I like all Tampa Bay sports teams (yes, even with the addition of Tom Brady), but it's hard not to root for Matthew Stafford. I mean, twelve years in Detroit - someone give that man a trophy already.

I can get behind the Rams. And the Bills - we'll see if they can win tonight.

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