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Yesterday's NFL playoff games were fantastic - both ended on a last second field goal. The League's system - a grueling now seventeen game regular season with playoff spots determined by wins - consistently produces a great post-season product.

Contrast that to the college football "system," which awards "playoff" spots to teams based on arbitrary rankings, algorithms, and, I'm sure, one or more smoke-filled rooms. I haven't researched the stats, but it sure feels like that "system" produces more lopsided, uninteresting "playoff" games than games that are actually fun to watch.

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postposted by matt in Sunday, January 23, 2022

I didn't get to watch much college football yesterday, but I think the sixty minutes I watched last night had to be the best hour of the day. When I tuned in at about 10:00, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Alabama were all losing, with time running out in their respective games (and I'd be happy with a loss for each of these teams). Michigan and Notre Dame ended up surviving their games (by the same final score, btw - 32-29), in dramatic fashion. Alabama lost to unranked Texas A&M on a last second field goal.

All of this in the span of about an hour!

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postposted by matt in Sunday, October 10, 2021