March 19, 2022


Hawaiian Delay

Today did not go as planned. At all.

Renee, Jake, and I were supposed to start our Spring Break trip to Hawaii early this morning, flying out of Detroit. Jonathan was scheduled to fly back to Boston, also heading out of Detroit at about the same time. Just yesterday afternoon I realized that this morning might be our last "early morning airport mission" with the four of us (with Jonathan away at school, aligning all of our travel schedules is only going to get tougher), and I was really looking forward to that 6AM drive to Detroit Metro.

Jake had a little food poisoning last night, though, and was still throwing up this morning. So, we had to adjust the mission a bit. I drove Jonathan to the airport for his flight back to Cambridge and then headed home and to start the rebooking process. Jake was feeling better by the afternoon, so we felt confident about flying tomorrow. Delta was quite helpful (and even understanding), so, after a slight delay, we'll start our trip tomorrow.


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I thought the "ticket counter" might be able to help, so I headed upstairs as Jonathan headed to security. The agent was understanding, but could only offer a supposedly secret customer service number as help. I called on the way home and, after about a thirty minute wait, connected with the first of two agents that made the whole thing fairly painless, even telling me to take my time to make a decision. We called back in later in the evening and rebooked for tomorrow.

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