June 30, 2023


Red Baron Spitfire

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One of Jake's instructors gave him some tail wheel training time for graduation. Jake figured they'd use the tail wheel trainer they have at the airport.


He wanted to take Jake up in his open cockpit biplane.

Red Baron style.

Open air, front and back single seats. Jake said it was a blast. He let Jake takeoff, but not land. And Jake had to be the eyes—the back drops, so the pilot can't see everything. So..."watch for trees, power lines, animals...."

Jake said it was some of the most fun he's ever had flying.

Thanks Rex!

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After flying in the morning, Jake took the Spitfire to the car show for the first time. Met some great people and had a blast.

And, to finish the day, we put the new plates on her—70 SPIT. She's as old as I am, and doing quite well.

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Oh, and it was whisk(e)y Friday in the office today, too (see today's feature image). What a great day.

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