July 16, 2023


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I'm finally getting around to taking some shots of patent markings I've collected over the years. My setup isn't ideal yet - I switched to mirrorless last year and still need to fill out the lens lineup for the new format. The 85mm did alright for macro here, with the full set of scoops, but I really need the >1x mag and shorter focusing distance of the 100mm to get the shots I want. That's coming, but taking this shot yesterday has me looking forward to working on this project.

I started with these Zeroll ice cream scoops for a
few reasons. One, it's ice cream. Two, the Zeroll scoop was invented in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio, which I love. Three, it took awhile, but I found an early scoop that shows a patent pending mark (far left). With that, the set shows the company's progress on the product (all others list multiple patents, and their markers have been rotated relative to the handle).

And, lastly, it's ice cream.

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Sunset will occur tonight at 09:08 PM. My sunsetter script is set to take a photo at that time and at six deviation times.

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