August 1, 2023


Y Test Drive and Sunset Pi

Sunset will occur tonight at 08:54 PM. My sunsetter script is set to take a photo at that time and at six deviation times.

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It's not pretty yet, but I've converted my iOS Shortcut for posting posts to Daystream from using Drafts to Ulysses. I had the new version working on the iPhone a couple days ago, but paused a bit as I implemented the iPad version. For some reason, all Shortcuts actions for Ulysses weren't showing up on the iPad, leaving some of the steps in the shortcut with an "unknown action" label. I deleted and reinstalled the app, thinking that would force everything to arrive, but that didn't work. Just as I reluctantly accepted the possibility that the iPad version just didn't have the full feature set, they showed up. Now my Shortcut for posts works seamlessly on both the iPhone and the iPad, allowing me to write on both devices with Ulysses and post from either via the Shortcuts app. This is great!

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Ron DeSantis mocked for dismal turnout at campaign event offering $1 beer (

What can go wrong when you slash beer prices to boost attendance at an event? Before today, I thought the gradual descent into a riot was the only possible bad outcome. Thanks to Ron DeSantis's experiment with dollar beers, I now know another—crickets.

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Scherzer: Mets said '24 would be 'transition' year (

The Mets have been an entertaining sideshow in baseball this year. We've reached the trade deadline and they've realized that their record-setting payroll isn't going to produce a championship. So now they're bailing water, dumping two multi-Cy Young award winners on the same day (deadline Max Scherzer to the Rangers and Justin Verlander back to the Astros).

Apparently ownership has a new vision for the team, and it's not the "all-in, multi-superstar" vision they brought to opening day.

Looks like ex-Guardian shortstop Francisco Lindor still factors into ownership's new vision. We'll see how long he lasts.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the Rays dominate the Yankees for a second night in a row. I love this game.

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The Guardians just got no hit. By the Astros.

It doesn't get much worse than that.

At least it wasn't at home. I still love this game.

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Just realized my sunset times are way off because I forgot to update the latitude and longitude settings from Perrysburg to St. Pete Beach. It’s about a 30 minute difference, too!

I’ve updated the script so tomorrow’s photos should be at the right times.

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Responsive image

Now I need to learn how Ulysses handles images. Can I post photos to Daystream using Ulysses sheets?

It's not ideal, but basically I should be able to write the description for a photo and then select the photo when the Shortcut runs. The Ulysses sheet won't actually contain the photo, but that's ok.

Let's give it a try.

UPDATE: It worked (see photo above).

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