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This video from Cleo Abram is the most provocative thing I've seen about the Apple Vision Pro. It's a teleportation device, or at least will be once the technology improves. But here's the key - exploration of far away lands like a Star Trek landing party won't be its biggest impact. That will be fun and exciting, of course, but the bigger deal is the impact it will have on human relationships. Physical distance between people will become less of an impediment to human interaction. Indeed, it might become largely irrelevant. You won't be alone even though you live three states away from your kids. Or parents. Interactions with the Apple Vision Pro will feel like actual in-person visits. So much so that we'll think of them as such, unlike letters, phone calls, and even modern video calls.

And why stop with erasing the impediment of physical distance? Why not erase the impediment of time, too?

They look a bit ridiculous right now, but someday a future version of the Vision Pro, or a similar product, will be commonplace.

And it's going to be incredible.

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postposted by matt in Monday, May 13, 2024