February 15, 2021


Snowmageddon 2021

The Super Bowl is losing viewers under 50, reflecting how American media has fragmented (cnbc.com)

This is consistent with my observations. All major sports leagues need to innovate to attract younger viewers. Weird halftime shows aren't going to cut it. And I'm not sure in game betting is the answer, either.

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Round One of today's snow has come and gone. Looks like a couple inches of light and fluffy. Off to shovel....

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Not sure if it was intentional or an accident, but Teddy just rang the bell on the back door. He's done it once before, but that was weeks ago. Any chance he's figuring something out? We'll see!

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Ready to clean up after Round One. Not too bad - looks like the shovel will be sufficient. Saving the snowblower for Round Two later this evening!

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Round Two is underway. Current prediction is for an additional 8-10" of snow over the next several hours. Should be wrapped up overnight. Looking forward to clearing the driveway in the morning!

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Chicago Blackhawks - Detroit Red Wings - February 15th, 2021 (nhl.com)

The improvements are there, but aren't routinely resulting in wins. Yet. Let's keep it moving in the right direction, Red Wings.

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