September 6, 2023


Tropical Storm Lee could become Category 5 hurricane – live (

"Preliminary forecasts are not predicting any landfall"

I won't say they buried the lead, but, at a minimum, they forgot the subtitle. The quoted language is from the body of the article, and near the end.

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Tropical Storm Lee nearing hurricane status, will strengthen quickly (

"Lee does not pose an immediate threat to Florida and most models show the storm curling away from the state."

The Tampa Bay Times gets it right. The quoted language is the subtitle for the paper's main article for Tropical Storm Lee today.

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Google will soon require disclaimers for AI-generated political ads (

"Starting in November, Google says advertisers must include a disclosure when an election ad features 'synthetic content' that depicts 'realistic-looking people or events.'"

Fine print will never be the same.

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