February 28, 2021


Last day of February and we're at 55 degrees and the sun is out in full force. It's beautiful. It's Spring. But it isn't. Just more of February in Ohio.

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I might as well do some Spring things while the weather allows it. Washed the winter off the car today.

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Ancestry company uses deepfakes to bring old photos of your great grandma to life (mashable.com)

This seems like a positive application of deep fake technology. A bit creepy, though.

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We get excited about new restaurants in Toledo. Culver's just opened their first location in the area and, with essentially no hype machine as far as I've noticed, people are going a little crazy for it. We bailed on our first attempt a few days ago, after waiting in line for over 30 minutes with little progress. We tried again today and committed to sticking it out. After forty minutes, we just turned into the lot.

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