April 22, 2022


Canada on the Left

Renee and I left for Cambridge today to start a quick weekend visit with Jonathan.

Florida Republicans vote to dissolve Disney's special district, eliminating privileges and setting up a legal battle (cnbc.com)

"Florida law dictates that special districts created by the legislature can only be dissolved with a majority vote of the district’s landowners. For Reedy Creek, that’s the Walt Disney Company."

This is political theatre at its worst. DeSantis isn't just dancing for the camera, he's doing so knowing that the bill is legally dead on arrival in the courts. We haven't heard from Disney yet, so I suppose it's possible they will accept the loss of the district in exchange for something. I seriously doubt that, though, and I doubt Orlando taxpayers are happy about absorbing a billion dollars of debt.

Part of me hopes DeSantis presses forward with his clown show, just so we can watch Disney kick his ass. The lawyers are already on it, I'm sure. Moron.

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Renee and I are on an early morning airport mission today, by ourselves. We're headed to Boston to visit Jonathan for the weekend, and Jake is staying home with Grandma.

It's been a long time since we travelled without the boys. Feels a little weird.

But, security was less stressful, as we only had to worry about ourselves.

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This is usually when I'd take a picture of Jake looking out the window. I miss that. I am enjoying having the window seat, though.

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There's a lot to see in this photo!

Our flight path took us north of Detroit, across the Detroit River and into Canada. This photo is looking south downriver, with Canada to the left and the United States to the right. Fighting Island (Canada) is in the foreground in the river and Grosse Ile (United States) is in the background.

The twin plumes of the Fermi Nuclear Power Plant on the western shore of Lake Erie are just visible in the background.

And you can see the moon just off the winglet.

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We met Jonathan for lunch in Harvard Square, dropped our bags in his dorm room, and headed to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This is the third museum we've visited since he started here. It was fantastic, just like the others.

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We had some pretty great pizza at the Stoked Pizza Company in Cambridge tonight. Great pizza, and a decent beer selection to boot. I had the Night Shift Whirlpool, which was a little more citrusy than I expected, but was still very good.

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